Around two years ago, I stumbled upon the concept of slow living and minimalism. I had been looking at different organization systems, such as Marie Kondo because I felt like our house was caving in on me. We were by no means hoarders. I was just overwhelmed by what we did have.

What we had was too much “stuff”. Physical Stuff. Emotional Stuff. Stressful Stuff. Stuff..Stuff..Stuff.

On top of all of this, I had begun suffering from depression and anxiety. Oh yeah, I just went there. I never thought that I’d be on medication for depression. I was too tough for that, right? I could handle it on my own, under my own terms! Mmmhmm…

So when I heard the ideas being shared by people like The Minimalists, and Brooke McAlary, my ears perked up. Getting rid of things I don’t use could make me feel less stifled and anxious? I immediately got to work.

My mother thought I was crazy. “You got rid of all of your clothing!” That’s right…I did. Well, not all of my clothing. That really would have been crazy! I started with everything that didn’t fit (aka everything that made me feel inadequate and pitiful whenever I opened my closet). Then everything that was stained or damaged. Going through my closet was actually the best place for me to start. It got me rolling onto the kitchen, then the living room, then on and on. It’s amazing how much easier it got as I went along.

I’ll be honest here. I’m the only one in my home that really embraced the message. My husband still has three drawers of just t-shirts, and two more of just shorts. But I’ve noticed that he’s started appreciating our house when it’s clean (I’m not perfect). He’s been supportive as I’ve charged head first into a completely new lifestyle and I love him for that. As for our 3-year-old daughter…she’s just along for the ride.

So that brings us here. Two years later, and still trying to figure things out. There are parts of my home that I have yet to declutter (I’m looking at you office nook), and there are things I’m still changing or improving. It’s funny how even after this time I still feel like I could clear more items from my home.

I know this way of living is getting a lot of publicity recently. It’s become “the thing” to call yourself a minimalist. Though I’m not of big fan of it being a fad, I am happy that the message is getting out there and that maybe, just maybe it can truly help a few people along the way.



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