Going Ketogenic

What am I supposed to eat?


And you’re sure about this?


About a month ago, I went to a doctor’s appointment. After running through a slew of symptoms and a couple blood tests, my doctor came back and suggested I go on a carb restrictive diet. I’ve had issues with PCOS ever since I was in high school. And over the years, for various reasons, I continued to put on more and more weight.

And I’ve tried just about everything

  • Vegan … Check
  • Vegetarian … Check
  • Medi Clinic … Check
  • Weight Watchers … Check
  • Beach Body … Check
  • Spending money on every coach out there on the internet … Check (as my bank account weeps)

Now I’ll be honest. My mind is a jumbled mess after studying one nutrition style after another. My heart pulls vegan/plant-based but I’ve also seen first-hand the positive effects Ketogenic diets can have (and I am fully aware that at the end of this post I could very well have a bunch of comments that fight for both sides … I just ask that you play nice).

So here I am at my heaviest weight ever and my doctor has given me a firm directive. This includes a follow-up appointment in six months to see how things have improved. So I’m going to give it a try.

This should have started in September … but … well, you see my wedding anniversary is in September and so is my birthday … so … yeah … Hello October!

Over the upcoming weeks, I am going to document what I learn through this process (don’t worry, no creepy depressing photos) and see where it goes. I’ll be honest, this is more for my own accountability but it could also be educational if you like to read about things like this, or if you’ve been interested in Ketogenic diets. I’ll also share any recipes I find, test, and approve.

I’m not an athlete, though I hope at some point to start adding some workouts into this challenge. Right now I’m just focusing on getting the eating habit down. I found that if I try to take on too many changes at once, I burn out quickly.

If anyone has been tempted to try this and would like some camaraderie, feel free to reach out either via Facebook or Instagram. It’s always fun to have company!

Wish me luck!


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