One Month of Cladwell Outfits

Let me start this by saying I love Cladwell. This is not a paid post, I just really liked using their original Capsule site when I created my wardrobe over a year ago.

I don’t know about you, but my brain can easily get overwhelmed sometimes. The thought of pairing down my clothing, although exciting, filled me with some anxiety. What if I suddenly realize that I have nothing to wear to work? Or a wedding? Or church? Knowing myself, I would have probably gotten tunnel vision and ended up with just a couple v neck t-shirts and jeans (my go-to outfit of choice).

In comes Cladwell. They helped me get an overview of my closet, what colors best suit me, and what staples I need based on what I tend to do during the week. What was even better is that there was no pressure to buy anything! They helped you shop your own closet. Then it’s up to you whether you want to take their advice on what to add and you can get that wherever and whenever you’d like.

Like most things nowadays, it came with a subscription price. But honestly, once I had my wardrobe done … I just dropped the subscription. This, like most things in simple living, is completely dependant on whether or not you find value in the service. Most people probably don’t need the hand holding when creating a capsule wardrobe, but it was the best tool for my crazy brain.

So now it’s over a year later. I have only added one piece here or there to my wardrobe but mostly it is exactly the same as when I first set it up. And it’s been awesome! I love going into my closet and knowing that everything I see fits me. It all matches. None of it is damaged. However, I have started to have a little outfit fatigue. I pictured the same four or five combinations over and over and had a hard time getting past that. (Again … the v neck and t-shirt combo). In comes Cladwell Outfits and it’s like I have a whole new wardrobe again.

Now when I wake up, I just check the app and I have three completely different outfit variations to choose from. Things I never thought about (which is crazy when your wardrobe is so small). It also helps me keep track of what I’ve worn recently so I don’t over wear said v neck t-shirt.

Just like the Capsule site, this one is also a subscription service and I’m honestly not sure how long I’m going to keep it going. Maybe I just need help getting out of a little capsule slump, or maybe I find a longer-term value in it. Right now I just know that it’s helping me get myself and my 3-year-old daughter out the door a little quicker and a little happier each morning.

If you need a little wardrobe inspiration, I’d suggest checking it out. I get no perks from you doing so … I’m just sharing what has helped me!

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